Current Scholars

Allied Health Sciences:
Zhichao Wu

David Bowly

Christopher Ash

International Law:

Christine Ernst

R G Menzies Fellowship:
David Riglar

R G Menzies Harvard:
David Boyd & Christopher Tran

Current Scholars

Zhichao WuDavid BowlyDavid Heaton Christine Ernst David Riglar David BoydChristopher Tran


This research scholarship, valued at $27,500 per annum for each of two years, is open to graduates in any of the health sciences who have enrolled for a PhD in an Australian University and who have completed the first stage of their doctoral program.

The Foundation is grateful for the support of the final selection committee and the assessors who are nominated by the respective disciplines to grade the applications in terms of topic, relevance and methodology.

In 2012 the Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Scholarship in the Allied Health Sciences attracted candidates from the disciplines of nutrition and dietetics, physiotherapy, and psychology.

Five candidates were interviewed on 27 August, 2012. The interview panel was chaired by Professor John Mathews (Executive Director, The Menzies Foundation) and consisted of Professor Simon Crowe (La Trobe University), Assoc/Professor Liisa Laakso (Griffith University and previous Menzies Scholar) and Professor Meg Morris (University of Melbourne).

The Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Research Scholarship in the Allied Health Sciences for 2014-2015 has been awarded to Mr Zhichao Wu.

Zhichao Wu

Zhichao Wu

Zhichao holds the degree of Bachelor of Applied Science in Optometry from the Queensland University of Technology. 

The two year scholarship commencing in 2014 will enable Zhichao to complete his PhD developing novel functional and structural markers for age related macular degeneration (AMD).   These markers will allow new therapies to be effectively trialled in the earliest stages of AMD prior to vision loss. 

The research will be carried out at the Centre for Eye Research Australia in Melbourne.


In co-operation with the Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Trust (UK) and the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education, the Menzies Foundation offers to Australians post-graduate scholarships in engineering for tenure at universities in the United Kingdom for either one, two or three academic years.

Following initial assessment by Professor Iven Mareels, Dean, Faculty of Engineering, University of Melbourne, five candidates were invited for interview in Melbourne.  The Selection Committee chaired by Professor Graham Hutchinson, Professor of Civil Engineering, the University of Melbourne, consisted of Mr Peter Bowtell (Australasia Leader Buildings Practice, Arup), Ms Maree Grealy (representing the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education) and Dr Andrew Whiting (Technical Director, Aurecon and a previous Menzies Scholar).

The Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Scholarship in Engineering for 2014 was awarded to Mr David Bowly.

David Bowly

David Bowly.

David holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from Monash University with First Class Honours and the John Monash medal.
David currently works as a Rotating Equipment Engineer at Esso in Melbourne and has a particular interest in two aspects of engineering: renewable power generation, and education within the profession – enabling young engineers to learn from the experiences of those who are older and wiser.

David will undertake a Master of Philosophy in Energy Technologies at Cambridge University, commencing in October 2014 for one year.


The Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Foundation offers two post-graduate scholarships in law: the Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Scholarship in Law and the Sir Ninian Stephen Menzies Scholarship in International Law.  Each is tenable at a prestigious overseas university. The scholarship program is partially supported by funds from the Australian Government.

After preliminary review and external assessment of the applications, seven candidates were interviewed at Clarendon Terrace in October 2013. Members of the Selection Panel chaired by Mr Brian Doyle were the Hon Justice Susan Kenny (Federal Court and previous Menzies Scholar), Professor HP Lee (Monash University) and Ms Marie Grealy (representing the Commonwealth Government) 

The single Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Scholarship in Law for 2014 was awarded to Mr Christopher Ash.

Christopher Ash

Christopher Ash

Christopher holds a Bachelor of Laws with First Class Honours and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Queensland, and received numerous academic prizes.  He is currently working as a lawyer with Minter Ellison in Brisbane and was previously Associate to the Honourable Justice Applegarth in the Supreme Court of Queensland.

Christopher has been awarded a one year Menzies scholarship to Oxford University to study for the Bachelor of Civil Law commencing in October 2014.  The law around privacy and freedom of speech, and the changes in criminal law in Queensland are two debates to which he would like to contribute on his return to Australia.


This scholarship is awarded for the first time in 2014. Sir Ninian Stephen was Chairman of the Menzies Foundation from 1992 to 1998 and the named scholarship recognises Sir Ninian’s eminence and contributions to Australian and international law and governance as a lawyer, High Court judge, international jurist and Governor-General.

The scholarship is jointly funded by the Menzies Foundation and the Commonwealth Government.  Applicants are encouraged to consider undertaking a course of study at a prestigious university in Asia.

The inaugural recipient of the Sir Ninian Stephen Menzies Scholarship in International Law for 2014 is Ms Christine Ernst.

Christine Ernst

Christine Ernst

Christine holds a Bachelor of Economic and Social Sciences and a Bachelor of Laws with First Class Honours from the University of Sydney. She received numerous academic prizes, including the prize for first place in Australian Constitutional Law. Christine was Associate to the Honourable Justice Susan Kiefel AC at the High Court of Australia.

In October 2014, Christine will commence the Bachelor of Civil Law degree at the University of Oxford in the field of international law, focusing particularly on the relationship between international human rights law and the rights and freedoms protected in Australia under the common law and the Constitution.


The NHMRC/R G Menzies Fellowship is awarded in partnership with the National Health and Medical Research Council to provide opportunities for Australian researchers to undertake research that is both of major importance in its field and of benefit to Australian health. A major objective is to foster career development at the postdoctoral level by encouraging the beneficial experience of a different research environment.

The Fellowships are available for postdoctoral medical study at approved overseas institutions with tenure for up to four years. Two years are spent in the overseas country followed by two years back in Australia. Awards are offered to persons of outstanding ability who wish to make research a significant component of their career.

The Menzies Foundation, in addition to its $50,000 annual grant to the NHMRC to support the Fellowship program, makes available a supplementation of $5,000 for each of the four years of the award for activities associated with the Fellowship, eg conference travel.

The NHMRC/RG Menzies Fellowship for 2014 has been awarded to Dr David Riglar.

Dr David Riglar

Dr David Riglar

David will undertake the first two years of his Fellowship in the Department of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering.

David will investigate cell-signaling pathways, particularly focusing on how cells within a population differ in their response to type-1 interferons. This class of cytokine is important for protection from viral infections and the prevention of various cancers. David will utilise new approaches, including synthetic biology, to gain a better understanding of signaling processes and will investigate how we can more effectively design drugs to target only the diseased cells, thus reducing treatment side-effects.

“One of my dreams is to see a society that is more informed by evidence-based decisions and the scientific process,” he says.

On return to Australia David will continue his research at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne.


Awarded in partnership with The Harvard Club of Australia, The Menzies Foundation and The Australian National University, the scholarship is administered by the ANU for postgraduate study in the United States.

The Menzies Scholarship grants at least one annual award to talented Australians who have gained admission to a Harvard graduate school. The ideal candidates for the Scholarship are Australians whose primary objective, after completing their studies at Harvard, is to make a significant contribution to this country’s development.

The Menzies Foundation was represented in the selection process by Ms Edwina Menzies.

The scholarship recipients for 2014 are Mr David Boyd and Mr Christopher Tran.

David Boyd

David Boyd

David has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) from the University of Sydney, with First Class Honours and the University Medal. He has worked for state and federal education ministers as an adviser on programs to improve school quality in disadvantaged communities, working particularly with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and their schools. He has also worked in education policy in Brazil. 

David is undertaking a Master’s program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. His interest is system-level best practice in overcoming the obstacles to academic success that are created by poverty and social exclusion.

Christopher TranChristopher Tran

Christopher has a Bachelor of Laws with First Class Honours and the Supreme Court Prize and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne. He has worked as a lawyer in Melbourne and as an associate at the High Court of Australia.

Chris is undertaking a Master of Laws at Harvard Law School, with a particular focus on American and comparative constitutional and administrative law.