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Our vision

Raise the profile and importance of ‘outstanding’ leadership for Australia.

Our mission

Encourages Australians to reflect on leadership, build their own leadership capability and take leadership roles in the community.

The Menzies Foundation works to create a vibrant future for all Australians by identifying leadership challenges and building collaborative, catalytic initiatives to address these challenges.

About us 

The Menzies Foundation supports leaders who have the capacity to make catalytic change to improve Australia’s future.

Established in 1979 to perpetuate the legacy of Sir Robert Menzies, Australia’s longest serving Prime Minister, the Foundation has a track record in backing outstanding leaders. Over it’s first 40 years the Foundation has awarded over 230 scholarships and made significant grants to support medical research. The impact of this investment is manifest in our Alumni who continue to tackle key community challenges – from mental health, cancer and autism, to global human rights issues and the climate change.

Following a strategic review, in 2018 the Foundation elected to move towards a more catalytic model of practice to raise the profile and importance of ‘outstanding’ leadership, build leadership capability and highlight the importance of service to the community.

To achieve this, the Foundation has identified strategic areas of focus and support initiatives that:

  • Build collaboration platforms to harness partnership expertise and resources for impact
  • Build incubators to develop innovation pipelines
  • Codify the insights and disseminate the learnings with others to develop systemic interventions to scale the initiatives.



Menzies Foundation model | Our priorities | Menzies Foundation – Impact Report 2020

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