Advisory Group

The Menzies Alumni Advisory Group was established in February 2016 to provide a formal structure for representatives of the Menzies Alumni to contribute to and provide leadership on a range of alumni and Menzies Foundation related matters.

The Chair and Deputy Chair are elected to one-year terms and are full members of the Menzies Foundation Board. The Deputy Chair goes on to become Chair the following year. The Chair and Deputy Chair are responsible for reporting on the activities of the group to the Menzies Foundation Board at each board meeting.

The maximum membership at any one time is 12 members. Membership is drawn from members of the Menzies Alumni with the aim of representing all scholarship disciplines. Appointments are for two years, with an option of a further two years.


The objectives of the Menzies Alumni Advisory Group are to:

  1. provide support and guidance to the Alumni Chair and Deputy Chair on current and new initiatives
  2. provide ongoing guidance on the structure and purpose of the Menzies Alumni
  3. develop new ways to increase alumni engagement
  4. serve as a conduit via which Menzies Foundation initiatives are further communicated to the alumni.
  • Sheree Hurn
    2010 Allied Health Scholar

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  • Anne-Marie Hill
    2008 Allied Health Scholar
    Deputy Chair

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