Two artworks on auction in the UK will be sold in February with the proceeds donated to the Menzies Foundation.

The Australian paintings, Broadford Lake – Afternoon Light by Brian Seidel and Pygmy Possum Drinking Honeysuckle by Ian van Wieringen, will be auctioned
in London (and online) next month. The bidding starts on 15 February, but they can be viewed online now.

The paintings were donated to the former Menzies UK Trust in 1988 and will be sold as part of an Australian Charity Art Auction, which celebrates and supports
Australian charities in the UK. Council member of the Menzies Foundation, Michael Whalley, is Chair of the Australian Charity Art Auction.

If you are interested in Australian art and the work of Brian Seidel or Ian van Wieringen, this is a great opportunity purchase one of their works and
support the work of the Menzies Foundation at the same time. The proceeds will go towards our scholarships to the UK.

Please note the image of Broadford Lake – Afternoon Light has been cropped to suit website dimensions.