This week at the Boston Conservatory, Harvard Menzies Scholar and composer, Nicholas Vines, will be central to Guerilla Opera’s new production of Loose, Wet and Perforated, having provided the music and libretto for its 10thanniversary production.

The only RG Menzies Scholar to Harvard to complete a Music PhD in composition, Nicholas has an incredible CV, featuring performance, composition and teaching achievements, along with Helpmann and Green Room awards.

Hear Nicholas talk about the opera, inspired by medieval morality plays, on this video:

Nicholas is also undertaking his own crowd-funding campaign to cover the post-production, professional recording of Loose, Wet and Perforated. You can find details here:

We plan to talk to Nicholas about his experiences when he’s back from Boston. In the meantime, break a leg!


 Image credit: Guerilla Opera YouTube clip.