Investigating a new approach to reframing empowered leadership in an increasingly challenging and complex school context

The Menzies Foundation with key partner Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) are delighted to announce the Menzies School Leader Fellowships have been awarded to four innovative Principals across Australian government, Catholic and independent schools.

“This recruitment process was the first national intake for the Fellowship and we have been overwhelmed with the reception from school leaders across Australia. I am delighted to announce the recipients of the 2022 Menzies School Leader Fellowship and the Collier School Leader Fellowship” said Menzies Foundation CEO Liz Gillies.

Congratulations to the successful candidates:

  • Carolyn Blanden – Principal, Warakirri College, Fairfield and Blacktown, NSW
  • Anne Stout – Principal, Port Melbourne Secondary College, VIC
  • Anthony Boys – Principal, Marist Catholic College North Shore, NSW
  • Nick Lovering – Principal, Katherine High School, NT

With thanks to the ongoing partnership with the Collier Charitable Fund, Anne Stout has been awarded the Collier School Leader Fellowship to undertake the School Leader Fellowship.

“Collier Charitable Fund is committed to continuing the legacies of Alice, Annette and Edith Collier by striving to improve the lives of Australians. The education sector is a specific interest area of the Fund and we are delighted to welcome Anne Stout, Principal, Port Melbourne Secondary College, Victoria to the program and we wish her all the best.” said Wendy Lewis, Collier Charitable Fund.

Powered by the Menzies Foundation the two-year, $150,000, leadership development initiative seeks to harness cross-sector expertise to understand how to build a pipeline of talented school leaders, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to successfully adapt to and take on the challenges and complexities of the role. Unlike typical leadership development initiatives, there is an explicit focus on increasing the skills and capabilities of leaders to build collective efficacy.

The Fellowship is led by a multi-sector collaboration comprised of school leaders, corporate and philanthropic partners, supported by an outstanding Advisory Board.