The Melbourne Indigenous Transition School (MITS) is set to expand, thanks to its success in empowering young Indigenous students from remote or regional
communities to make the leap to attend big city schools.

In 2020, MITS will open a new boarding house for 18 girls at Richmond Hill. The new boarding house will allow MITS alumni girls from Year 8 onwards to
attend partner schools across Melbourne as day students, while living in a MITS-run home surrounded by their peers and supported by MITS staff. MITS
is committed to supporting alumni and partner schools to ensure long-term wellbeing and success for students. 

The 2019 Sir Robert Menzies Indigenous Mentoring Fellow, Edwina Green, recently commenced her role as mentor to Year 7 students at MITS. The students come
to MITS to study for a year in Melbourne while living in a home-style, safe environment. Their year at MITS is designed to enable a supported transition
to city life and high school the following year. Edwina provides mentoring, peer support and cultural connection to students, whilst undertaking her
own studies in visual arts at the University of Melbourne’s Victorian College of Arts. 

“Changing the future of education for Indigenous Australians is vital – and it’s a movement I want to be part of,” Edwina said. “I’m really excited to
help create a home away from home for the students, and support them to feel safe, happy and welcome in Melbourne.”

MITS also now has a full-time Community Engagement Manager based in Darwin, working directly with families and communities to ensure that MITS is delivering
what is needed and that students’ educational pathways continue when they return home from Melbourne.