The Menzies Foundation’s work in leadership highlights the increasing importance of reimagining leadership, such that Australians think about leadership, pivot to their purpose, and contribute to the greater good.

There is significant evidence of high levels of distrust in leadership in the world today. An important challenge is to consider ways to reframe this conversation to encourage citizens to acknowledge our collective responsibility to each other and act for a flourishing life.

The Menzies Foundation is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership between the Australian Leadership Index, Swinburne University, Regen Melbourne, and the Coalition of Everyone exploring how to foster and support a leadership movement which encourages citizens to step up into leadership and focuses on and builds community resilience.

“We are so delighted to be working with these collaboration partners, whom are all doing outstanding work in fostering new insights about how best to build community resilience and the role that citizens play in contributing to a flourishing life. This collaboration provides a wonderful opportunity to experiment in place, and build communities with a strong focus on purpose and our collective potential” said Liz Gillies, Menzies Foundation CEO.

This collaboration will work to pilot the implementation of a ‘leadership movement for the ‘greater good’ that explores the barriers and impediments, and most importantly, opportunities to scaffold every citizen’s capacity to act for the ‘greater good’.

Liz Gillies said: “This exciting collaboration provides an excellent sandpit to work across the community from an institutional and citizen perspective, to experiment and obtain greater clarity on opportunities to model a conversation about leadership, less focused on cynicism, and more focused on ‘purpose’ and our collective responsibility to our flourishing communities.”

Stay tuned – more information to come in early 2023.