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Leadership Hackathon

As part of our commitment to contributing to Australia’s leadership discourse, the Foundation is delighted to be partnering with Swinburne University’s Innovation Precinct, collaborating with Adam Jacoby, Director Global and Strategic Innovation to host the inaugural Menzies Foundation & Swinburne University Leadership Hackathon.

On Day 1, in December 2020, over 50 leading Australians virtually connected to consider the provocation: The Leadership that got us into this mess, can’t get us out of it. What does leadership 4.0 need to look like? and determine the future of Leadership Design in a Globalized, Digitized, Tribal world.

The Hackathon was comprised of a series of short, interactive and collaboration sessions which considered the current Leadership Landscape, key emergent leadership challenges and leadership priorities for the future of Australia and the world. Liz Gillies presentation on the current leadership landscape, which provides the context for much of the Foundation’s strategic platform, can be found here.

In April 2021, Day 2 of the Hackathon focused on the ideation of these priorities. We would like to thank those who participated. We're grateful to have such an incredible group of leaders and thinkers who will propel Australia forward. Transforming leadership is a long and arduous journey, but we're honoured that you've taken the first step with us.

During the session, illustrated notes were on display (such as the one below). These assets are available for you to download and share with your networks - or, if you missed the chance to attend, take a look at the inspiring ideas from the hackathon.