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Menzies Foundation Newsletter - Special Edition May 2016

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  Newsletter Special Edition  |   4 May 2016  
Menzies Foundation News

Welcome to this Special Edition - New Menzies Foundation Chair


First Menzies Scholar appointed to Chair Menzies Board

Professor Simon Maddocks Chair Menzies Foundation

The President and Vice Chancellor of Charles Darwin University, Professor Simon Maddocks, is the first ever Menzies Scholar to be appointed Chair of the Menzies Foundation.

Professor Maddocks replaces Brian Doyle AM who stepped down after 3 years as Chair and 23 years as a director.

As the recipient of the 1987 Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Scholarship to the UK in medicine - the first non-medical graduate to receive this award - Simon studied at the Medical Research Council Reproductive Biology Unit in Edinburgh, conducting research into the physiology and immunology of male fertility and likely causes of male infertility. He is a graduate of the University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Honours) and has a PhD in Reproductive Physiology and Immunology.

Professor Maddocks has been a Director on the Menzies Foundation Board since 1993 and has held the role of Deputy Chair since 2013, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to the growth of both the Foundation and the Menzies Memorial Scholars Association from their early days.

As the first Menzies Scholar to take on the role of Foundation Chair, Professor Maddocks said he felt both humble and very proud, with a strong sense of responsibility. “It is wonderful to be given the opportunity to lead the Foundation I know so well from the perspective of a scholar and alumnus; I have a great passion for what the Menzies Foundation does well and the history it carries.

“I also have a strong vision for where we can take things and how we can be creative and innovative about expanding our scholarship offering and continuing to build the relationships across the country and overseas with our existing alumni.

“There is no doubt that being awarded a Menzies Scholarship is a very special award that sets you up to support your development as a leader in your chosen field. We want to identify new Australian leaders who will be able to make a difference at a time when science and innovation is so important to our future.

“As one of the first two Menzies scholars from South Australia and living in the Northern Territory, I also have a firm belief in what such a strong cohort of leaders can achieve through collaboration and good communication even though we may not see one another often,” Professor Maddocks said.

Professor Maddocks’ vision for the apolitical Foundation includes expanding the profile of its activities nationally, particularly the recognition, value and opportunities provided by the Menzies Foundation’s suite of prestigious postgraduate scholarships. Currently awarded in areas such as Law, Medicine, Engineering and Allied Health, these scholarships support talented young Australians who also share Sir Robert Menzies commitment to leadership and service to the nation.

“Being awarded a Menzies Scholarship changed my life, and I have been committed to supporting the work and growth of the Menzies Foundation ever since. I would like to thank my fellow board members for this latest honour and I must also thank and pay tribute to outgoing Chairman Brian Doyle, who has been such a steady hand for the past three years. Brian leaves us with a great record of achievement and has always conducted himself with enormous dignity.”

Outside of his Vice Chancellor role, Professor Maddocks holds a range of other positions including being a Director and previously Chair of the Governing Board of the Menzies School of Health Research in Darwin. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and was previously a member of the Governing Council of the University of Adelaide and a former Chief Scientist of the South Australian Research & Development Institute.

Professor Maddocks has been appointed as Chair for a term of three years.

Menzies Board acknowledges outgoing chair

The Menzies Foundation Directors have thanked Brian Doyle AM for his service to the Menzies Foundation after he stepped down as Chairman of the board, a role he has held since 2013.

Brian took over the role from Sir Guy Green and has overseen significant progress and change, in particular last year’s launch of the Menzies Health Institute Queensland, the fourth Menzies health and medical research institute, which focuses on allied health research.

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Menzies Foundation News

The next full edition of the Menzies Foundation News will be out in June 2016.