Hi, I’m Dr Melony Sellars, CEO of Genics Pty Ltd. I have been a scientist at the CSIRO for 20 years and have now started a company that is transforming global food production through smart pathogen detection using some of the Tech (Shrimp MultiPath) I developed during my science career. Our team are passionate about reducing production risk from pathogens and maximising productivity.

I was privileged to receive a Menzies Science Entrepreneur Fellowship in late 2019. Its been an amazing journey ever since!

The recognition from being an awarded a prestigious Menzies Award has been outstanding, a fantastic accolade and something that many relate to. Menzies has provided a platform of support networks as part of the fellowship program. These have been fundamental in developing my leadership skills and helping to navigate the commercial environment. Whether the challenge be marketing and sales in another country, setting up of Global JVs and distributor agreements or improving our workflows and services on the home front, the support and mentorship provided through the program has been invaluable.

COVID has also not been without its challenges. Our dedicated team retreated to working from home for many weeks during the period of uncertainty, taking to electronic communications with the rest of the world. International sales hit stand still for a few weeks and we re-focused our efforts on developing new IP for Genics that would enable us to ramp up when the market returns. As Australia finds itself in the fortunate position of having COVID under control, we have been able to ramp up sales in the domestic industry, securing the majority of prawn farm pathogen testing sales Nation-wide. Our strategy to focus on IP development has paid off and we are now ready to launch a new product to the global market, Shrimp MultiPath Xtra, which includes the original 13 pathogens plus a new and emerging shrimp pathogen causing devastating losses in shrimp production globally, DIV-1. 

You can find out more at or follow our journey on LinkedIn

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