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Emerging Technologies and the Law

The Menzies Foundation aspires to raise the profile of ‘outstanding’ leadership for Australia by encouraging Australians to reflect on leadership, build their own leadership capability and take leadership roles in the community.

In order to do this the Foundation identifies key Australian leadership challenges and builds leadership development platforms to build capability in these focus areas.

One of the Foundation’s strategic areas of focus is to facilitate Australia’s response to complex legal challenges in a global context.

Ninian Stephen Law Program

To support this initiative the Menzies Foundation is delighted to announce the launch of the Ninian Stephen Law Program. Each 3 years, on a rolling basis, the Foundation will identify a key legal challenge and seek partners to build a leadership capability platform to support Australia’s capacity to address this issue.

Each Ninian Stephen Menzies Law Program will focus on four key elements:

  • An immersive training platform based on real time, problem-centred global law challenges
  • A research agenda to support the development of the training program and contribute to knowledge in the field
  • A thought leadership platform to develop a community of interest and encourage discourse across the community of interested stakeholders
  • An oration and speaker series

The program is named in honour of one of Australia’s finest legal minds, former Governor General and Chair of the Menzies Foundation, Sir Ninian Stephen.


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