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Federation University in Ballarat hosted the 2022 Menzies Foundation Oration opening the very important conversation around the future for our young people.

Leading in to the 2022 Federal Government’s Jobs and Skills Summit, we ask that priority be given to Australian youth – how do we build pathways for our young people to thrive?

The topic ‘Do I have a Future – A better deal for young people in Australia’ was presented by Travers McLeod the Executive Director of the Brotherhood of St. Laurence. The Brotherhood of St. Laurence is a social justice organisation working for people experiencing disadvantage in Australia. The Oration was moderated by Daniel Ziffer, ABC Journalist. He and Travers were joined by a panel of young leaders to set a future agenda for the ‘greater good’.

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The 2021 Oration was presented by Professor Paul Tracey, Co-Director of the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation at Cambridge University. Professor Tracey explored Sustainable Development Goals? – Scaling for Impact.

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The 2020 Oration was presented by Dr Tina Seelig, a world-renowned Stanford University Professor, speaker and best-selling author on innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. 

Dr Seelig, drew on insights from a workshop with a group of Australia’s next generation entrepreneurs, where she consider the power of ‘creativity with constraints’ and challenged us to unlock our potential and creativity to innovatively pivot to a reimagined future.

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The 2019 Oration was presented by Professor Brian David Johnson, Futurist in Residence and Professor of Practice at Arizona State University’s School of Future and Innovation in Societ. Professor Johnson explored The Future of Risk, Security and the Law. 

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Further: As an outcome of this important work, we are delighted to present the Regional Cyber Futures Initiative: The Future of Risk Security and the Law – Threatcasting Report 2019.

We welcome you to join Menzies Foundation CEO Liz Gillies in conversation with world renowned futurist, Prof. Brian David Johnson as they discuss how leaders and businesses best prepare themselves to take on worldwide cyber security threats and what is the legal landscape for action. They also explore what leadership will look like 10 years from now and how leaders today best prepare for tomorrow. Listen now

Visit University of Melbourne for a list of previous orations and transcripts.

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